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HMRC Service: PAYE Online for employers

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HMRC Service: PAYE Online for employers

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29th June 2017


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HMRC’s Live Services section has asked us to share the following message with you:

Employers should register for PAYE Online

It is important that employers are encouraged to access PAYE online so they are aware of coding notices and important messages from HMRC. Some generic notifications are issued to help our customers understand when something has gone wrong, for example, a late PAYE submission. They highlight that the employer may be charged a penalty, but also that they can appeal if they disagree with the penalty or have a reasonable excuse for filing late.


Most new employers get a login when they register as an employer online. If you don’t have a login because you registered in a different way you’ll need to enrol for PAYE Online separately.

As an employer, you can use HMRC PAYE Online service to:

• send payroll reports to HMRC
• access tax codes and notices about your employees
• appeal a penalty 
• get alerts from HMRC when you report or pay late, or don’t send the expected number of reports in a month
• register to get email reminders for alerts and notices.

For full details on PAYE Online, please refer to the website here:

Please Note: IRIS support will be unable to assist with queries relating to this HMRC service. Any such queries should be directed to HMRC online service support desk on 0300 200 3200.

This service does not affect your payroll software, this is an additional service to help employers manage their PAYE status. The service login details should match the ones used in your payroll software to allow RTI submissions.

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