IRIS Payroll Professional Name Change

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IRIS Payroll Professional Name Change
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9th July 2019
IRIS Payroll Professional

From July you will start to see some changes with regards to the product name of IRIS Payroll Professional, it will be changing to IRIS Earnie


How does this affect me?

We will start to send out updates to IRIS Payroll Professional as part of our auto update service which when installed will change the product name to IRIS Earnie.

The product itself is no different and you won’t see any changes to your software except brand name. The new name will also appear on any future invoices. Other than that, it’s business as usual.

Where do I go for support?

You will continue to receive the same Support service as you receive now, however the contact details for the team are different. The details you will need moving forward are:

Telephone Support: 0344 815 5671 – Option 4
Email Support: