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Installation Error 1311 - Source file not found

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Installation Error 1311 - Source file not found
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1st January 2020
IRIS Payroll Business

An "Error 1311" sometimes occurs when trying to install IRIS Payroll Business


This error will occur when the install/uninstall information cannot be located on the system.

Usually, this can be resolved by running this Microsoft utility:

When prompted select “Uninstalling

From the list of programs select your payroll product then work through and complete the rest of the wizard.

Once finished, download the latest version of your software here and re install.

PLEASE NOTE: While this process will remove payroll program files from your system, your actual payroll data will not be affected and will be available once you have re installed.


This error can also occur when Windows elevates user permissions to allow the setup to run. In this scenario, Windows recognises the logged in user does not have sufficient permissions to run the installer. Instead of preventing the setup from running Windows elevates the permissions by running the setup as an administrator. The error 1311 can then occur if this elevated user account doesn’t have the same network drives mapped as the regular user.

The easiest way to prevent this problem is to use the NET USE command to map the required network drive for the administrator account. 

Details on the NET USE command can be found here.

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