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Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie

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Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie

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23rd March 2022




Please note, before following the steps detailed in this guide, you must create a Modulr account here. Alternatively, in Payroll, go to Faster Payments | Find Out More.

Log into Your Modulr Account 

  1. After signing up to Modulr, check your inbox for a ‘welcome’ email.
  2. The email will contain your username and a link directing you to Modulr’s portal. Here you can set up your login access (you will need these login credentials when signing in from payroll, so ensure to remember them).

After creating your login credentials, to sign in to the portal, Modulr requires you to download the Authy™ authentication app on your phone (available for iOS and Android) to verify your information. 

image 13 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie

Authy provides an extra layer of security, ensuring you can navigate around the portal and perform actions securely.

  1. Follow the steps to set up Authy in Modulr and click I’ve installed and registered the app.
image 15 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie
  1. The Sign In screen will open. Enter your login details into the relevant fields.
  2. Once you have logged in, you will see details of your account(s).
image 14 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie
  1. Under the Accounts tab, you will see a list of your companies. elect the required company to display the Sort code and Account number.
image 16 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie
  1. Since you have registered your details and signed into Modulr, you are now ready to configure your payments link in Earnie

Set up Employer Payment Account from Payroll

For Company 

  1. To enable Faster Payments for a company, open Payroll and go to Company | Alter Company Details | Bank Details and select the Faster Payments Account radio button.
  2. In the Provider drop-down, select Modulr and enter the Account Name and Source Number into the relevant fields. (Account ID in Modulr is the same as the source number)
image 17 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie

Assign to Employees 

  1. To enable Faster Payments for employees, choose Employee Period and select Faster Payments

Note: When setting the Faster Payments indicator, you must also complete the fields listed on the Bank tab 

Logging into Modulr from Payroll 

  1. Go to  Faster Payments | Setup.
  2. Enter the Username and Password you registered with Modulr and then select Login.
image 18 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie
  1. You should receive a message on your device to complete the twofactor authentication. A pop-up will also appear in payroll instructing you to follow the steps outlined on the Authy app. You must approve the authentication to proceed with the setup process.
image 19 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie
  1. Once authenticated, three further options are added to Faster Payments menu:
    • Send
    • Audit
    • Faster Payments Portal
  1. At this stage, you will have created login details for Modulr, signed in and linked the company account in Earnie.
  2. After logging in on the Faster Payments Setup screen and once you have run the payroll, you can then send your first faster payment.

Sending Faster Payments from Payroll

  1. To submit a faster payment, go to the Faster Payments | Send.
  2. Complete the fields displayed on the Select Employees – Faster Payments screen, ensuring to enter a Payment Reference (this field has an 8-character minimum) and select OK.
image 20 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie
  1. The Faster Payments Preview screen will open, showing details of the faster payment before you submit it to Modulr.
  2. Review the details, once you are happy to proceed select Send.
  3. You should now receive a message on your device as part of the two-factor authentication. Follow the instructions to approve the payment.
  4. If the payment sends to Modulr with no issues, a success message will display.
  5. At this point, ensure to complete any outstanding tasks in Modulr.
  6. In payroll, all successful submissions display under Faster Payments | Audit.
  7. Any errors found during the transmission process will display under Faster Payments | Error Log.

Note: You cannot send data from Earnie to Modulr before resolving the issues displayed on the error log. After every successful submission, the Error Log will repopulate with new data.

Note: If you send more than 1000 employee payments in one submission and an error occurs, this can result in incomplete requests. If you are required to resend the file, please ensure that all existing payments have been deleted in the Modulr portal before resubmitting the payments.

Modulr notifications 

Notification Settings 

  1. From the Modulr portal, select Notifications.
  2. Set each notification by adjusting the toggle next to each option to either ON or OFF.
image 21 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie

About Notifications 

  • Approval notifications are automatically sent to any user that has Approval permissions. These are sent daily at 9am and not configurable by users.
  • The Payment Summary notification is sent at 9 a.m. every morning when there are active unapproved payments or beneficiaries in the system.
  • Other notifications are sent as events happen on the account.

Notification Recipients 

  1. Simply turn on each individual notification using the ON/OFF toggle and enter the email address for the recipient in the Send notification to field.

Note: Only Modulr users will be able to sign in using the link attached to the email. 

Notification – Scheduled Balance Alert 

  1. From the scheduled bank alert section, configure a date and time when you require the balance to display to the recipient.
image 22 | Guide to faster payments with Modulr in Earnie

Notification settings 

A summary of each notification’s content and when they are sent.

Email nameDescriptionContainsWhen sent
Payment SummarySummary of Pending Payments across all accounts▪ Summary of numbers of pending payments and their value
▪ Date/time when email is sent
▪ Number that are waiting for funds + value
▪ Number that are future dated (for tomorrow) + value
▪ Are due to expire tomorrow
▪ Sent each morning at 9am if accounts have items pending 
▪ Sent day before future dated payments are due to send 
▪ Sent day before payments that are due to expire
ApprovalsSummary of Pending Payments across all accounts▪ Customer name
▪ Date and time
▪ Number of payments awaiting approval + value
▪ Number of beneficiaries awaiting approval
▪ Whenever there are approvals outstanding
▪ Sent at 9am each day
▪ Automatically sent – only sent to users with admin + approver rights (can’t add other email addresses)
Pay inReceive a notification when a payment above a user-defined amount is received into an account▪ Customer name
▪ Account alias(s)
▪ Amount paid in
▪ Reference(s)
On event
When an account receives a pay-in above the user-defined amount
Balance belowReceive an email when a balance falls below a userdefined amount ▪ Customer name
▪ Account alias(es)
▪ Balance(s)
▪ Date and time
On event
When an account’s balance falls below the user-defined amount
Balance aboveReceive an email when a balance goes above a userdefined amount ▪ Customer name
▪ Account alias(es)
▪ Balance(s)
▪ Date and time
On event
When an account’s balance goes above the user-defined amount
Scheduled balance alertReceive an email containing account balances on user-selectedday(s)▪ Customer name
▪ Account alias(es)
▪ Account ID(s)
▪ Balance
Scheduled by user
Statement notificationsReceive an email when a new statement is downloadable ▪ Customer name
▪ Number of accounts statements are available for
On event
Sent when a statement is available at the beginning of each month

Available features 

This is a summary of the features available with your access. 

View your accountsSee all accounts you have access to and their balances 
View individual accountsView individual account details and transactions and manage their nickname and statements. You can also search and filter transactions on the account
Add new accountsCreate any number of new accounts you want, with an individual sort code and account number
Make paymentsSend money to saved beneficiaries you have set up and transfers between your accounts
Create payment rulesSet up rules on your accounts to automatically split incoming payments to other destinations or sweep accounts at a given time. You can also set up a secondary funding account to make payments from if the sending account has insufficient funds
Pending paymentsView payments that have not yet sent due to being scheduled for a future date, waiting for an approval, or waiting for funds. Failed payments will also be viewable
Manage beneficiariesCreate new or view and manage all the beneficiaries you have set up
Approve payments and new beneficiariesView and approve (pending + approver permission) any payments waiting for an approval before they are sent, or newly created beneficiaries before they are active
Download reportsDownload a spreadsheet of all transaction activity or user actions
Manage usersCreate, delete, and manage other users who have access to your accounts (pending‘Admin’ permission)
Set up notificationsSet up and control notifications for a variety of activity

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ModulrContact us by completing the enquiry form available here. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible in response to your 

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