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Error message entering dates ... "Date cannot be in the future"

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Error message entering dates ... "Date cannot be in the future"
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5th August 2020

An error sometimes occurs saying that the "date cannot be in the future" when entering a date into PAYE-Master. Eg, when entering a join date or leave date within the Employee record screen.


This can occur because of two reasons.

You have not set the Pay Calendar within the program.

To do this click “Utilities” > “Pay Calendar Wizard“. Work through the wizard configure pay dates for each pay frequency you are going to use. Once complete, try to enter the date again.

Incorrect date settings on the PC

If you are using Windows 10 this actually has two different locations to configure your PC region and language settings, both of these need to be checked.

Click on the start button and then “Settings

Windows 10 settings

From the settings windows, click on “Time & Language

Windows 10 Time and language

On the following window make sure “Country or region” is set to “United Kingdom“. Then click on the option “Additional date, time & regional settings

Windows 10 country and region selection

If you are using a version of Windows earlier than 10:

Go to “Control Panel“:

and open the “Clock, Language and Region“:

Under “Region and Language“, click the option “Change the date, time or number format“:

To ensure the correct running of payroll the “Format” should be set to “English (United Kingdom)“:

Specifically, the “Short Date Format” should be set to “dd/MM/yyyy

You should also check under “Additional settings…

Work through the additional tabs and make sure the settings match the following screen shots:






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