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Error "Operation must use an updateable query"

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Error "Operation must use an updateable query"
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6th April 2018
IRIS PAYE-Master, IRIS HR Manager

This error may occur when you try to open PAYE-Master or HR Manager. This can sometimes happen on a new computer because of restricted user access.


IRIS PAYE-Master/HR Manager requires that each logged on user has full read and write access to the following folders.

The local folder where the program is installed. This is usually:

PAYE-Master – C:\Program Files\IRIS Software Ltd\ 
or C:\Program Files(x86)\IRIS Software Ltd\

HR Manager – C:\Program Files\IRIS Software Ltd\HR Manager
or C:\Program Files(x86)\IRIS Software Ltd\HR Manager

The folder where your data files are kept. If you are not sure where your live data files are located, you can check by going to “Utilities”   > “Move Data File“. The folder listed under the “Location” heading is where you will find the live data for each company.

The folder where you store your PAYE-Master back-up files.

C:\ProgramData\IRIS Software Ltd

Beware the ‘ProgramData’ folder is a hidden folder by default in Windows. It is recommended you speak to your I.T. provider to help with this issue.

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