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How to Access Data from Previous Years

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How to Access Data from Previous Years
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30th October 2017
IRIS GP Payroll

How to Access Data from Previous Years


Click “Setup/Options” go to the tab “15 – Previous Years’ Payrolls“.

This allows you to select a previous year (each year’s data is backed up automatically at year-end and saved in a sub-folder eg. 2012Payroll for the 12/13 tax year).

When you select a year and click “OK” you will get one of two messages pop up.

If there is no copy of the payroll folder for that tax year you will see:

You are attempting to enter the xxxx-xxxx payroll but the is no copy of this payroll on your hard disc

To access previous years payroll without a CD please follow the instructions here.

This will take you through installing the missing tax year information. (This will not affect your current year data.)

Once completed, log back into GP Payroll and go to “Setup/Options” and then to tab “15 – Previous Years’ Payrolls“.

When you select the tax year, this time, it will load into a blank payroll system for the correct tax year. At this point, you need to restore a year end backup to restore your employee details.

If the payroll folder for that year is already present you will see:

You are about to enter the xxxx-xxxx payroll.

Click “OK

You will be prompted for the password.

NOTE: this is the password as it was set for that tax year. If you do not know this password, please email or fax support for a break-in password.

You may see a message saying your licence has expired; you do not need to worry about this. You will be able to view/print reports for the tax year without complaint.

Once you log in the background should show the year in large red font.

NOTE: Some restricted user permissions can cause this to show the wrong tax year, check the payslips in “view output” to confirm this is the correct years’ information.

NOTE: To get back to the current year, exit the program and reopen. DO NOT restore a current year back up.

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