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How to reprint a P60

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How to reprint a P60
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30th October 2019
IRIS GP Payroll

Employees are entitled to get duplicates of their P60 from the practice if they have misplaced them.


To reprint a P60 all you need to do is the following:

Go to “Setup/Options

Where to find setup/options

Open tab “14 – Previous years’ payrolls“:

Click on the year you wish to return to and click “OK

If you see the following message: 

“You are attempting to enter the xxxx-xxxx payroll but the is no copy of this payroll on your hard disc”

Please follow the instructions here:

The system will reload with the end of year data for the tax year you selected.

Log in and go to  “End of Year“:

where t ofind end of year

Select “Step 2” and click “OK”

end of year step 2

Choose the P60 format option you want to print and click “OK

At this point, you can select to print “A P60 for a single employee” and reproduce the P60 for just one select employee. 

PLEASE NOTE: P60’s will only be available to print for employees who were employed at the end of the tax year selected. This is correct as per HMRC rules. If an employee was a leaver before the end of the tax year no P60 would be due, the P45 issued at the time of leaving replaces this.

Click “Print P60s” to print a paper copy. Click “Publish” if you are using the IRIS OpenPayslips service.

Once you have printed or published the required P60(s), close GP Payroll and re-open to return to your current year’s data.

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