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Business Tax- How to save Tax Comp as PDF under COMMS? (Not HTML)

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Business Tax- How to save Tax Comp as PDF under COMMS? (Not HTML)

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21st December 2022



IRIS Business Tax- How to save Tax comp and Enhanced Tax comp as PDF under COMMS?( and not HTML)


Saving as PDF cannot be done as it is a Practice Management setting which cant be changed.

We have checked the rules and regulations on how the IRIS practice management system records the saving of logs and reports in BT.

1) We confirm that whenever you log a IRIS action or save a report then it will show this under the ‘Comms’ tab as a HMTL

2) When you save a tax comp/report (as a PDF) it will be saved under your designated folder (for example your desktop) and at the same time it makes HTML report which is shown in ‘Comms’ to state such a report was recorded.

3) The ‘Comms’ tab is not designed to save any action/report as a PDF type. Users would instead go to the folder where the PDF was saved so they can access it.

4) However in PT – it will save a report as a PDF in comms, Just not in BT.  This will be due to the fact that personal tax wouldn’t need to have a computation in HTML, as a computation isn’t submitted to the HMRC and so PDF is the only format (out of PDF and HTML) this report can be saved in PT.

With regards to the business tax computation it will store it in HTML as this is the format that it needs to be in, in order to be submitted to HMRC (as comps are required for all LTD submissions).

To save the comp as a pdf please do the following:

Tax comp/ report output screen  – select PDF and tick details – save it onto your desktop. Then back on the report output screen – click ok and it will save the PDF onto your desktop .

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