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DOCS-1421: How do I add new staff to IRIS Docs

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DOCS-1421: How do I add new staff to IRIS Docs

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27th December 2019



How do I add new staff to IRIS Docs?


In order for other users to gain access to the system the users account details must be created or imported from Active Directory. The created/imported users will then be allocated a licence, and in turn you will be required to set the different levels of permissions.

If unsure on permissions to allocate, it is advisable to check another user and allocate the same permissions as them.

To import from Active Directory into IRIS Docs:

  • Click Administration/Cog (version 6.14 onwards).
  • Click Users | Import Users from Active Directory
  • Click on Name starts with text box and enter New User name and then click Find Now.
  • Highlight the New User in the list.
  • Click OK.

Once the new user has been added, click show users and external members on the users menu to show the new user in the list.  Double click on the user to allocate permissions, Groups and licenses:


  • Double click on the users profile
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click the ‘…’ option
  • Select the appropriate privilege pre-set from the drop down list.  General user is a commonly selected privilege pre-set


  • Next click on the Groups tab
  • Click Add
  • Highlight the appropriate group(s), you can use ctrl to highlight multiple groups
  • Click OK


  • Click Products Tab
  • Tick the appropriate products
  • Click OK

Setup Net scan Paths

If users have a network scanner/scan from local machine into hosting they may require a netscan path to be setup.  If this is applicable please follow the steps below:

  • Setup a network folder in the chosen location by the client, if unsure click DPE | Show Netscan paths | double click on an existing path | make a note of the folder to watch and browse to this location.  Browse up one folder to the parent directory and create a folder for the new user
  • Click DPE
  • Click Create a Netscan path
  • On the General tab enter the title and the folder to watch (Which was created earlier)
  • Click on the destination tab and choose the intray of the new user

Add New Users to the Filing Cabinet

New Users will need to be added to the filing cabinets. The choice is yours in regards to which folders the user has access to.

  • Click Filing Cabinets.
  • Click Show Filing Cabinets.
  • Right-click on Relevant Folder (If unsure carry this task out for Client files)| Edit Members and Info Types.
  • Add new user and click on OK.
  • Select Update this client folder only.

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