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Personal tax- Enter Student loan and edit the calculation

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Personal tax- Enter Student loan and edit the calculation

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14th January 2020



How to enter a Student loan and select the student loan plan type in personal tax?


1.Load Personal tax and select the client and year.

2. Go to Employment, Expenses and New and Type 10 Student loan and enter amount

3. Reliefs | Miscellaneous | Tax calculation | Student loans and Select the loan plan type | OK

4. Go to reports | Student loan repayment computation to see the breakdown. This final figure will then pull through to the tax computation.

How to add a manually paid student loan (not via Employment) There is no function to enter this under PT and we recommend you add it under notes: Reliefs/ Miscellaneous/ Additional Information/ SA100 Main return. OR you contact HMRC Support to ask where they prefer to show it.

How to enter Loan type 1 and 2 together (or a combination)? HMRC rules: PT is restricted to just one type entry only. As a workaround you can only choose either plan 1 or 2 and then for the additional information SA100, you will need to enter a note to explain user has both plans.

How to edit the Student loan calc OR stop the calc? The function to modify the student loan repayment is locked– you cannot change the calculated figure. There are only two options:
a) Submit the return as it is BUT add a note under – reliefs/ misc/ additional information/ sa100 and add a note explaining whats happened and what you want. HMRC will then amend the return.
b) To stop the calc: Delete the student loan by going to Reliefs/ misc/ tax calc / student loan, then click delete. This may delete the ENTIRE student loan calculation from the comp etc. This is usually done if you do not want the student loan calc at all.

If the student loan is being duplicated: Go to Employment | Involvement (at the bottom of the screen) | Please remove the TO DATE for the business in the employed tab | Close.
You will see another entry on the employment screen, please highlight this and delete the entries, so all you have is the one correct employment showing and put back in the TO DATE for the one which should not show. Please run the Student Loan Computation and it will show only the one entered under employment

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