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Personal Tax- How to carry back trading loss for Sole trader/Partnership. Error SA104F OR (S) exceeds

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Personal Tax- How to carry back trading loss for Sole trader/Partnership. Error SA104F OR (S) exceeds

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13th October 2015


IRIS Personal Tax


IRIS Personal Tax- The clients business has made a loss within the tax year, how to can this be carried back? and if you get error SA104F or (S) exceeds etc and Terminal Loss


Loss carry back or Terminal loss relief

1. Load the client and select the relevant tax year where the loss is.

2. Click Trade, Profession or Vocation | Sole Trade or Partnership

3. Select the current accounting period and click Edit

4. For Partnerships, enter the loss into Loss to carry back field within the Trading Income tab.

For Sole Trades, go to the Adjustments, losses, overlap and tax tab and enter the loss here into the Carry Back field. Then click OK.

5. Go to the Reliefs | Miscellaneous | Tax Calculation | Tax Code, underpaid/Overpaid/Repaid tax. In the box: Tax underpaid/overpaid from earlier years. You have to manually calculate the Tax savings value and enter here, then click OK.

6. Under Reliefs, click Additional Information then select Tax Calculation (SA100) enter a note stating that the client has a loss of X amount which is being carried back to the prior tax year, and then click OK.

If you want to show the loss carry back into the previous year.

7. Select the previous year

8. Other income/any other losses/put in the loss amount being brought back in the ‘Future trading or certain capital losses‘,

9. Reliefs /Miscellaneous/Tax calc/Tax overpaid etc and enter in the ‘Tax reclaiming now’ the tax savings value (the manual calculation from step 5 above) and click ok

10. Reliefs /Additional information/SA100 and enter the same note

IF you get the error Amount in SA104F exceeds SA104F (OR a S which is Short pages): You have a made incorrect/invalid entry on the FULL or SHORT pages, go through all the steps again and ensure they have been entered it correctly- in the year of loss and also the year of carry back. If you cannot find the cause then try this:
Run the ‘Trade comp’ – notice it makes auto adjustment to the stated loss to give a new loss figure
As per HMRC rules your only allowed to carry back up to this new loss amount (not more).
In the sole trade/partnership loss carry back box – change the figure to this adjusted loss amount.


IF you get a warning: Underpaid tax from earlier years have been entered – you have entered a incorrect value and must recheck the loss carry back steps and recheck the value you made in step 5- you may have entered a negative value when it should be positive


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