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Personal Tax- HMRC Data retrieval 'Invalid_Grant' or 'Invalid_Client ID or secret'

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Personal Tax- HMRC Data retrieval 'Invalid_Grant' or 'Invalid_Client ID or secret'

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18th September 2017


IRIS Personal Tax


Personal Tax: Users receive 'Invalid_Grant' or 'Invalid_Client ID or secret' error when attempting to use retrieve HMRC data feature


NOTE: There has been cases where this error log also states the user ID is invalid, our Development team has checked and you will need to contact HMRC support to look into this – please ask for a senior.

You need to be on the latest IRIS version (Help and About). So please update.


If you still have issue after updating to latest version then HMRC has a random issue on their server, which caused all existing authorisation tokens to become invalid OR they have issues with your unique login ID and possibly the security questions you answered with.

1.Therefore you will need to remove any existing authorisation in your software and create a new one. Go to Setup and choose Authorised Agents – You can have authorizations setup at Practice Level (one for all staff) or at an individual staff level

2. You will need to reset whichever already exists by clicking the ‘Reset agent credentials’ button You can switch to use Practice level if you just want to go through the authorisation process once, to re-authorise you need to.

3. Go back to the Main Personal Tax screen and choose ‘Retrieve HMRC Data’ (on any client) and this will start the authorisation process with HMRC again. Note : The HMRC authorisation process does include an identity check for security reasons. This is based upon your personal information and must be completed in order to gain access to your client’s data. Now try and retrieve data again.

4. If the same error happens again – ask ANOTHER PT user to login instead on a different pc (but not with a shared agent login – if you have different logins) and answer the security questions. If it works for them, its your unique login which is causing this. If all PT users and all PCs get the same issue (OR you only ever login with 1 agent ID) it can be caused by a environmental issue (which you tech team need to look into your existing anti-virus/security setup on the pcs/servers) or its more likely coming from HMRC and you will need to contact them and speak to a senior.

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