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When setting up a new job type in IRIS Time, what do the options mean?

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When setting up a new job type in IRIS Time, what do the options mean?
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3rd December 2004
IRIS Time and Fees
When setting up a new job type in IRIS Time, what do the options mean?
Job Types are the first level of analysis within Time & Fees. If you have elected to use Job Types all postings made in the Time Ledger and all write out instructions in the Fees Ledger must be assigned to a Job Type. When creating a new job type there are 4 main options that need to be set that define how a job type behaves. To view the job options:
  • Log to IRIS Time from the IRIS Main Menu
  • Click on File | Job Types | Job Types
  • The Job Types screen will be displayed. Click on the New button The four options are:
  • Record WIP at individual job level (otherwise is by job type) Tick this option if you would like your job type have a qualifier when you associate the job with the client. For example, job type PTAX/2009. This will mean that every time to post to a client in your timesheet you will need to enter ptax/2009. Keep this option unticked if you would like the job to be continuous. For example, post to the job type GENERAL for general work that is not relevant to a particular year. Tip: The frequency of the recurrence is set using the ‘subsequent jobs repeat at’ option. For example, you may want a job to recur every year, month, week and more. This would mean that you may type ACC/2009/4. The ‘subsequent job repeat at’ option is defined in more detail below.
  • Allow WIP to be posted against job of this type This option defines whether the job can have WIP posted against it. If it is ticked WIP can be posted to it, if it is unticked WIP cannot be posted to it.
  • Workflow management can automatically create jobs of this type In the job planning within Practice Management, the jobs will automatically be created during the planning phase.
  • Subsequent jobs repeat at This option defines the recurrence of the job and if the option for ‘Record WIP at individual job level’ is ticked it defines the format of the extra identification. For example, if an Accounts job ACC is created on a client, its recurrence will need to be ‘Once per accounting period’. When the job is created on the client it will read similar to ACC/2010, where 2004 is the year and 10 is the period in that year. If ‘Record WIP at individual job level’ is not ticked the job identifier will read ACC. The following options are available for Job recurrence:
  • Unspecified intervals
  • Weekly intervals
  • Two weekly intervals
  • Four weekly intervals
  • Monthly intervals
  • Two monthly intervals
  • Quarterly intervals
  • Four monthly intervals
  • Six monthly intervals
  • Annual Intervals
  • Once per accounting period

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