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Cannot Access DATA Directory

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Cannot Access DATA Directory

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20th February 2008



It has been identified by IRIS Support that when trying to change MAKETTL.EXE the following error can occur: NOTE: This error is common after the IRIS or TT folder has been moved


Following the steps below may help to resolve the issue. IMPORTANT: It is recommended that this procedure is carried out by an IT Support Representative
  • Click Start
  • Click Run
  • Type CMD and Press Enter
  • Type X:, (where X is the drive letter used for IRIS)
  • Press Enter
  • Type CD IRIS (where IRIS is the name of your IRIS folder)
  • Press Enter
  • Type >COPY CON TTL_CONT and Press Enter
  • Type the location of the IRIS DATA folder, X:\IRIS\DATA (where X is the drive letter used for IRIS), Hold CTRL and Press Z then Press Enter
  • Press Y, Type Exit and Press Enter NOTE: It should now be possible to edit the MAKETTL.EXE. If the same error occurs it is advised that you contact your own IT Support Provider.

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