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What is a fill-in and how can it be used in AutoMail?

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What is a fill-in and how can it be used in AutoMail?

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15th August 2008


IRIS AutoMail


IRIS AutoMail uses the interface of Microsoft Word to generate correspondence. To create your own Bespoke AutoMail templates you will require knowledge of Microsoft Word to the level of complexity that your bespoke template requires. The IRIS support team are not Microsoft Word experts and cannot provide support, advice or maintenance services with respect to Microsoft Word. However, we have provided some documentation to help you with some of the program features. This knowledgebase article will explain what a fill-in is and how it can be used in AutoMail.


A Fill-in prompts you to enter text. It is possible to set up your template so that you are prompted to enter information at the time of merging your letter. For example, you would like to be prompted for the Staff member’s name that is sending out the template, or a customer letter reference. To do this:
  • Log on to IRIS AutoMail from IRIS Main Menu
  • The AutoMail – Letter Request Browser will be displayed, Click on the Templates button.
  • The AutoMail – Letter Template Maintenance Screen will be displayed, Highlight the folder to which you would like to save the template to.
  • Locate the folder the template resides in, Highlight the template and click on the Edit button.
  • The Word Template will be displayed allowing you to edit the details.
  • Toggle on the Field codes (Press ALT + F9 on your keyboard. Please refer to KB IAS-11939 for information on How to turn on field codes in MS Word.
  • Place your cursor where you would like to enter the FILLIN. For Example, at the bottom of the letter, whereby it will display the name of the staff member who is sending out the letter. Note: To check for versions of Word, Click on Help | About when in the Word Document. For versions of MS Word 2007 or newer:
  • Click on the Insert Tab | Quick Parts | Field
  • Select “Fill-in in the list”
  • The Insert Word Field: Fill-in screen will be displayed. In the “Prompt:” box, enter the text the user will be prompted by. For example “What is your name?”
  • In the “Default Fill-in Text” box, enter (if required), a default entry for the fill-in field. For example J Smith who may be the manager of the Firm.
  • Click on the OK button to confirm the details entered
  • The system will then display how the prompt will look. You will see the details that you have entered. For example, “What is your name?” and in the field it will hold “J Smith” as the name
  • Click on the OK button to insert the fill-in code into your document.
  • On the word document the FILLIN will be displayed as follows {FILLIN “What is your name?”\d “J Smith”}
  • Minimize Word and Click on the Save Button in the Tag selection Screen
  • When generating a letter for a client, this template will then prompt you to enter your name to be used in the letter. Related Articles KB IAS-7078 : How do I setup my own custom AutoMail templates? KB IAS-6864 : What Microsoft Word skills may I need to edit AutoMail templates

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