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IRIS Accountancy- How to create new employee and a Staff login ID?

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IRIS Accountancy- How to create new employee and a Staff login ID?

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9th November 2009


IRIS Accountancy Suite


IRIS Accountancy- How do I create a new employee and a Staff login ID?


From the IRIS Main Menu Select: System Maintenance | Staff | Staff Maintenance | New – Then complete the required fields.

Staff ID – The Staff Identifier is the code the staff member/user will be recognised by, when making postings and using the system.
The identifier must be unique and should have some relation to the staff member for easy recognition. The most common use for an identifier is the staff member’s initials.

Enter Staff Details – The 1st Name (s), Surname and Initials are used throughout Time & Fees reporting, it is therefore important this information is completed.

1. Is allowed to log into the system – If you want this staff member to be able to use any of the IRIS software, this option must be ticked. If the staff member is only on the system to have time recorded, there is no need to tick the option. If this option is ticked you will have to assign a Staff Group as described below.

2. Has ‘super user’ permissions – The super user permissions haves been superseded by the MASTER user which provides the highest level of privileges. A Super User has certain privileges allocated by default which can be customised by selecting / deselecting the options on the Privileges tab.

3. Staff Group – The Staff Group is used throughout IRIS to control the level of access (if any) the user has to the various IRIS programs. If this user is allowed to log into the system, ensure a Staff Group is selected that will allow the user to access Time & Fees.

4. Partner – For reporting purposes, all staff members can be assigned a Partner who is responsible for them. If you wish to use a staff member as a responsible partner, ensure Is partner in the firm (see above) is ticked for that staff member.

5. Manager – Any staff member can be responsible for other staff members as a Manager, this is used for reporting purposes. Managers are created the same as normal staff members by following the instructions in this help topic.

6. Department – Departments are used to group staff members within the practice (e.g. tax or accounts department). Departments are used within Time & Fees for reporting.

7. Category – Staff categories can be used for reporting and for globally setting cost rates and charge rates for staff members on the same level (e.g. junior or partner). Note: Partner, Manager, Department and Category are all optional, you can assign and change the selection at a later date if you are unsure at the time of creating the staff member.
Once the required fields have been completed, Click on the OK button to save these options – You will then be presented with the staff maintenance options, the tabs Basic and Links will be completed with the information you have already entered, click on the Allowances tab to set up the permissions for this staff member.

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