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IRIS Elements Tax and Accounts queries

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IRIS Elements Tax and Accounts queries

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30th June 2022


IRIS Elements


IRIS Elements/Taxfiler Tax and Accounts queries - if you have any issues and login matters


Any new clients who sign up to Taxfiler by Iris are signed up to the Iris Elements platform from which they can use the IRIS Elements Tax & Accounts (previously known as Taxfiler) – – Link to the Iris Elements website.

Email support for Taxfiler/Elements:

General Element support:

Live chat function on Elements:

VAT support on Elements: You will need to raise a case on the IRIS Service Cloud(see below)

If you cannot find answers on general support, then please ask your questions on the IRIS service cloud system ( and on You will need to login using your ‘IRIS Service Community Account’ (not your Elements login as that will not work) and is the only method to report issues or raise queries about the IRIS Element system.

How to get a ‘IRIS Service Community Account’ login and go to ‘Get Support’ and then ‘Need help or support’

To raise a ticket via ServiceCloud if you have no login:

  1. Your administrator(s) will be able to create you as a user if you have not received a registration email for the IRIS Community Portal.
  2. As an administrator, to set up a user, firstly they’ll need to login to the IRIS Portal at
  3. Once you have completed these steps, your administrator will be able to add you as a user if required, and send over your registration link to get signed up to the portal to raise any queries or use our live chat facility.

If its an AML issue on Elements then contact the Time and Fees team on email:


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