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Navigating Accounts Production

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Navigating Accounts Production

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9th January 2021


IRIS Keytime, IRIS Keytime Accounts Production


Navigating Accounts Production


Accounts Production has the same look and feel as other modules in the Keytime range.  Navigation tools consist of the main toolbar, drop down menus and the navigation pane.

Main Tool Bar

The main tool bar looks like this:

image 52 | Navigating Accounts Production

New – Takes you out of the existing set of accounts and creates a new set of accounts.

Open – Takes you out of the existing set of accounts and back to the open (existing) accounts window.

Maintain – Takes you to the Accounts Production Management screens, you maintain client details, contacts, and officers in these screens.

Import – Import data from third party bookkeeping packages or csv files.

Export  – Send final accounts data to Keytime tax modules.

Help – Launches the on-line help file.

Submit – Submit accounts to Companies House.

Exit – Closes the application. 

The Menu Bar 

The main menu bar has the following options:

image 53 | Navigating Accounts Production

File: Options for creating, opening, deleting accounts.  Options for backing up and restoring data can also be found here.

Edit: Company launches the Accounts Production Management screen (Maintain).  Contains options for maintenance of client details, contacts, accountant/auditor reports, directors details and directors report.

Status: Options to mark the progress of the accounts.

Report Formatting: Options to change font, draft message, header positioning and various other report formatting options.

Options: Review, Year end, PDF save location, import mappings and various configuration options can be found in this menu.

Reports:  Various reports can be found in this menu.

Help: Launches the on-line help file, version details, Keytime website and licence information.

The Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane appears down the left of the main window and looks like this:

image 54 | Navigating Accounts Production

You can use the buttons on the minor toolbar located at the top of the tree to mark the progress of the accounts.

Use the options in the navigation pane to post journals, view the trial balance, maintain notes, make adjustments to the trial balance and post prior year adjustments (adjust balances), preview and/or print the accounts and create the accounts as a PDF or iXBRL file.

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