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IRIS Keytime - AP - Filing Accounts at Companies House

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IRIS Keytime - AP - Filing Accounts at Companies House

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30th January 2021


IRIS Keytime, IRIS Keytime Accounts Production


Companies House Filer - Usage


You can file iXBRL s444 or dormant accounts to Companies House.  Before you can do this you must have a credit account in place at Companies House, who will issue a presenter ID and an authentication code.  Further details on how to setup a credit account and obtain the required codes can be found on the Companies House website:

To submit accounts, proceed as follows: 

  • Click Submit on the main toolbar. 
  • Click Add Details and enter your presenter ID, authentication code and an email address where you want Companies House to send any correspondence.  If these details are to be used for filing this company only click the box to save details for this company only.  Enter the company authentication code.  Click Save. 
  • Click the Generate button to generate the accounts in iXBRL format.  Note that s444 accounts will be generated if the dormant status is set to NO (Click Maintain, Client tab). 
  • Click the Submit button to begin the process of sending the accounts to Companies House. 
  • The Details and Company Information tabs will be pre-populated with information already in the system, anything missing can be entered at this stage. You can preview the accounts being submitted by clicking the Preview button by the file to be submitted field in the Company Information tab. 
  • In the Company Information tab click Submit. 
  • The History tab shows all submissions to Companies House with their current status.  When the accounts are initially sent (without error), the status will show as Pending, if there was an error in the submission the status will show Error; you need to try the submission again if this is the case.   

Important Note  

•  Companies House do not automatically issue successful submission responses (as do HMRC), once the submission has been made, it will be retrieved and checked at Companies House, who will amend the submission status once approved.   

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