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SQL Backup - Frequently Asked Questions

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SQL Backup - Frequently Asked Questions

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10th January 2011



Below are some common questions asked when performing an SQL Backup.


Q.  Why can I not use my normal backup regime to backup the SQL database?
A.  Some software can backup SQL databases; however this is not always the case. If an automated backup system is in use the IT supplier will need to confirm if this software can make backups of SQL databases and check that it is configured to do so.

Q.  Can I just copy the database?
A.  No, copying a SQL database is not normally recommended.

Q.  Can I automate this task?
A.  It is possible to automate this task; however that is outside the scope of this document and a customers own IT Support may be able to help. PTP Support staff will not be able to advise on this matter.

Q.  Why am I shown how to make a backup of the SQL data to the irisdatasqlbak directory?
A.  As a number of backup programs (and indeed a copy and paste) operation will fail to backup/copy a SQL database, it is sometimes easier to use the SQL tools provided to first backup the SQL database to an alternative location. If this is done to the location specified above then when the iris data folder is backed up, the SQL data IS backed up with it.

Q.  Can PTP Support not provide a tool to do this for me?
A.  Backups can be done using the IRIS Database Manager Tool. This can be found in the C:Iris folder, you can create shortcut to the Desktop. 

Q.  Can you do this for me?
A.  Unfortunately this is not possible. The information in this KB item should be enough to show how to make a backup of the PTP Accounts SQL database.

Q.  How Do I Do A Backup?
A.  Following the information listed in KB 2185 will assist you with successfully running a backup of your PTP Accounts SQL Database

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