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PCSR - Deleting unused Person records

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PCSR - Deleting unused Person records

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10th February 2023



How to delete unused Person records


In the All Person records screen, accessed from the Actions panel, any Persons that have no associated companies will be marked with a red dot.  These records may be deleted individually or in bulk.

To delete individually:

1. Highlight the relevant person and press Delete

2. Select OK to confirm

To delete in bulk:

1. Select the option Delete unused Person records from the Maintenance panel

2. Enter the Master password if prompted and select OK

3. A message will appear identifying the total number of records and the number of unused records, with a warning this process cannot be reversed, click Yes to proceed when ready

Total number of Person records: xx
Not linked to any companies: yy

Do you wish to delete all of the Person records which are not linked to any Companies?

This process cannot be reversed.

4. A message will appear confirming the number of records deleted

yy entries were deleted.

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