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P11D - Car make/model missing and CO2/engine size issue

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P11D - Car make/model missing and CO2/engine size issue
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13th September 2021
IRIS P11D - when creating a new car benefit the car make/model missing from list and CO2/engine size issue

Car Make and Model is missing

The car list is provided by HMRC and is never 100% complete. There will be some cars models/makes missing from the list every year. You can select the closest type and save it. Once saved, you can edit/correct the name of the car and enter in the correct Co2 and Engine size etc. See the entry below in *TYPE IN CAR NAME HERE*.

Electric’ option not listed

Due to the increase of new electric designs, HMRC may miss a electric car option. If a car make has no electric option then select another car make and choose its electric option. Edit the name in the Make/Model field and then edit the CO2 values etc. (see below).

The Co2 and Engine Size values are incorrect – when I selected the car make/model, the details are pulled from the HMRC site: If you find any issues with the car Co2 etc. then you will need to contact vehicle certification agency.

The P11D uses the HMRC table to calculate the %

You can still manually correct the Co2 and engine size values which adjusts the % calculation.

If its a electric/hybrid car then fill in the Approved Zero emissions mileage box as well. If the Zero emissions box is greyed out then enter 1+ value in the Co2 box. If the Co2 is 0 value then there is no need to enter a Zero emission value as the HMRC table will explain.

NEDC and WLTP – if a car was registered between March 2001 and April 2017, it will be based on its NEDC carbon dioxide emissions and not WLTP.

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