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Personal/Business/Trust Tax - Failed Authentication, check Client UTR, ID and Password (1046)

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Personal/Business/Trust Tax - Failed Authentication, check Client UTR, ID and Password (1046)

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13th July 2021


IRIS Personal Tax, IRIS Business Tax


IRIS Personal/ Business/Trust Tax - submitting a tax return and get Failed Authentication, check Client UTR, ID and Password. BT error 1046


If you get this warning on the P11D then read this KB: If you get the Error Code 1046 in Business Tax – then run all the checks listed below.

1.You must be on the latest IRIS version – Help | About and Check for Downloads

2. Regenerate the tax return and submit it again (if you do not do this then it remembers an old ID/password).

3. Client | View | Accountant – normally its set to Agent. If its set to Alternative or Branch then speak to your team to confirm if its correct. Read steps past 11 if its set to Alternative/Branch.

4. Client | View | Tax tab – check the clients ‘UTR’ code.

5. Setup | Practice options | Tax options (you may need to log in as MASTER).

6. Open the ‘Self Ass.’ or ‘Corp tax’ tabs. Are your agent credential ID and Password correct? (Note: Trust tax uses the login details for Self Ass. tab), You can do a quick check – tick the self ass tab and then corp tax tab – look at the length of the hidden characters as one might be shorter then the other.

7. You will now need to test this by logging into the HMRC gateway with the same ID and Password. If it logs in fine then go back to IRIS PT/BT and delete that ID and Password. Click OK and then go back in again re-enter it again carefully (do not copy and paste) and save.

8. Do not submit right away (e.g in the Transmit Screen) as it remembers the old login details. YOU MUST regenerate it again to pick up the ID/password and then submit.

9. If it fails again then check your HMRC Agent Password. If it contains a special character (for example, £, $, %, ! etc.) then this can cause the issue.

10. Log in to your HMRC gateway and change the password so it only contains numbers and letters, save it. Then go back to step 6 and enter the updated password.

11. If it still fails then you need to call HMRC support and speak to a senior as there are issues where HMRC can block the submission from their side.

IF client accountant settings was set to Alternative or Branch – On the Alternative/Branch option – click the magnifying glass, highlight and view the Alternative/Branch from the list. Make sure its set to ‘Can act as Agent’, go to Tax options and fill in the Pt and BT tabs with your ID and password and email. Save and then regenerate and submit.

How to set up ‘Alternative’ accountant (see step 3 above)
Alternative accountants are usually set up if a practice has several branches/offices which have their own Agent Credentials login details (that is, you don’t use one login for all the branches).

1.Client | View | Accountant. Set to Alternative and click the magnifying glass. Either create a new one or select an existing one.

2. You must tick ‘Can act as agent’ and click OK to save it and then click View on it again. More options will show (you may need to log in as MASTER).

3. Click Tax options and open the ‘Self Ass.’ or ‘Corp tax’ tabs. Complete the fields with the branches correct agent credential ID and Password.


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