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Personal Tax: HMRC Data Retrieval Setup, error, not working, no data

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Personal Tax: HMRC Data Retrieval Setup, error, not working, no data
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13th July 2021
Your clients data for Employment and Other Pensions etc are not showing or you get error when you click 'Retrieve HMRC Data'

You must be on the latest IRIS version (Help and About) and check here: Setup/ Retrieve HMRC data practice options, the top five boxes must be all ticked.

NOTE: HMRC data retrieval is dependent on the HMRC server having your clients data ready and they have authorised your Agent credentials. It only provides data for ‘Employment’, ‘Employment benefits’ and ‘Other pensions’ (in 2021 ‘SEISS’ data for sole traders was added in). Link: . You may have done everything correct on your side in PT but the data just isn’t ready from the HMRC side.

Steps to fix the Data Retrieval:

1)  Setup, Authorised agents. Check if its set to ‘Individual’ at the top. If yes then highlight your name(initials) with ‘pre-population’, Click Reset credentials and say yes.

If its set to ‘Practice’ then speak to your team first as resetting this affects all PT users and it can reset all credentials saved here. If you want to continue click Reset credentials and say yes.

Then close and click ‘Retrieve HMRC data’ and log in with your Agent credentials (the same ones you submit PT/BT tax returns) and answer the security questions about yourself or a nominated person in your team (Its not about your client).

What is the Authorised date: The date next to pre-population is when it was last registered. If this date is between 12 to 18+ months old then there is a chance it will be automatically be unauthorised by HMRC. You will need to reset and log back in (step1).

What are the HMRC security questions: HMRC will continue to change or add new security questions every year about yourself. If you cannot answer a question which is required then you need to contact HMRC support. These questions are set by HMRC and are not from IRIS.

2) The client data should appear within 24 HRS.

3) If you still have the same warning or no data then its very likely a HMRC issue – they have confirmed every year they normally finish compiling everyone data by the end of each year. This rule has not changed since the Data Retrieval was launched.

Reasons why you get no data for anyone or only for some people:

  1. HMRC only start collating the data for every client from summer and only becomes more reliable later in the year. Trying to retrieve data in spring/summer is very random for most users until HMRC finish collating the data.
  2. HMRC will keep updating their servers which holds the data. When they do this it causes data retrieval issues for users and the client data. But most likely it’s a issue where they simply haven’t got the data ready.

There are three actions you can do if you get no data:

a) Contact your client for the data (dependent if they can find it).

b) Keep trying to retrieve HMRC data every day/week etc. the data may come through later on.

c) Contact HMRC directly if they have the information. Do note their 1st level staff do not have access to this data and may say by default everything is correct on their side.

Note: HMRC will update their servers every year and it can disconnect your HMRC login auth login. You may need to reset it and log back in. Also when you update IRIS to the latest version then you may also need to reset your HMRC Login authority.

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