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VAT Filer- Authorise the software to interact with HMRC

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VAT Filer- Authorise the software to interact with HMRC

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16th November 2021



IRIS VAT FILER: How to authorise the VAT software to interact with HMRC


To use IRIS VAT filer you are required to authorise the software to interact with HMRC on your behalf. A number of steps are required to set this up and are detailed below: 

These steps are from HMRC and not from IRIS.

1.Create an Agent Services Account (called ‘ASA’)and link VAT clients 

Creating the account is a one-off process for the firm to enable all staff to access MTD through a single account, this can be done using the link below:  

Once this process is complete you will be able to link all your existing VAT clients to this account by logging into any previously held accounts and submitting your firms UTR and new agent reference number. 

Note: You CANNOT use your normal agent credentials (eg to submit PT and BT returns) for submissions via the VAT filer. It has to be this ASA login

2. Register your clients for MTD 

You are able to register your clients for MTD on their behalf. This requires a minimal amount of client information (e.g. Email address) that will be used as part of an identity check. Sign up is required even if the client already registered for Income Tax MTD. Registration can be completed by logging in to 

3. Authorising IRIS 

To submit returns using IRIS you will need to grant the software permission to interact with HMRC on your behalf, this authorisation will last for 18 months and can be revoked at any time by going to Setup | Authorised Agents 

Clicking [Continue] on this message will open a webpage that will allow you to login into HMRCs website and grant this authorisation. 

4. Client not recognised 

If HMRC still do not recognise the client, it could be because of the reasons below. Please check the following: 

  •  MTD has not been set up and confirmation emails have not been received (this process can take up to 72 hours). 
  •  Incorrect Authorisation  – Please make sure the VAT Number is entered correctly. The correct format for your reference is 9 or 12 digits. 
  •  The wrong User ID & Password details have been used for the authorisation process. 
  •  Is there more than one account with HMRC, has the correct User ID and Password details been linked to the MTD account? 
  •  Is there more than one user (Administrator) on the account? If there is, has each user had MTD assigned to them as a service? If one User signed up to MTD using their own User ID & Password details, any other users will need to have the service allocated to them. If they don’t have MTD allocated to them as a service their User ID & Password details will not work for the authorisation. They can check which services are assigned to each user in their Business Tax Account. 

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