IRIS myePayWindow

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IRIS myePayWindow is a payroll self-service portal, used to securely exchange documents and deliver payroll information to employers and employees.

Employers and employees can view the published documents, in a secure online portal, each using their own separate login details.

Guidance has been produced to support each user group for my ePay Window; Payroll Departments, Employers & Employees. Payroll software guidance is also provided for payroll teams

Payroll Department Guides

Here is guidance for publishing documents and making full use of my ePay Window as an in-house payroll team or bureau.

Product Specific Guides

Employer Guides

Here is guidance for employers for viewing documents, pay analytics and supporting their employees.

IRIS myePayWindow: Employer Tour


Employee Guides

Here is guidance for employees on accessing the system and viewing their pay documents.

IRIS myePayWindow: Employee Tour

IRIS myePayWindow: Your Payslips