Unable to Receive a Response when Filing Online

A small number of customers are having an issue when trying to submit on line returns to the HMRC.

You may receive one of the following messages:


PAYE-Master is not receiving a response. The HMRC gateway may be experiencing problems or your Internet security configuration may be preventing PAYE-Master from accessing the site.

IRIS Payroll Professional / Payroll Business / Bureau Payroll / Earnie

Could not get a valid response from Government Gateway

IRIS GP Payroll

The Internet transfer has not been completed successfully your computer has been unable to establish the first contact with the gateway. This suggested there is something wrong with your Internet connection. Check that you can access the Internet through the normal browser if this is satisfactory your computer or firewall may be blocking the high security transmission that is required when communicating with the gateway.

This issue is being experienced by other payroll software providers and other software that connects to HMRC Online services directly.

The connection between your PC and the HMRC Online Services systems are encrypted (SSL). From time to time HMRC issue new certificates to ensure your data is secure.

In some circumstances Windows has not automatically downloaded the certificate causing an online submission to fail. Possible reasons are security software (virus checkers, firewalls) blocking the update or Group Policy configured to prevent automatic updates. If you are using Windows 2000 automatic updates are not possible so the security certificate will need to be installed manually.

Further information can be found at https://support.microsoft.com/kb/931125

Please note: IRIS Software Support are unable to provide help with downloading or installing the security certificate. If you are unsure, we strongly recommend seeking professional I.T. advice. This fix is provided “as is”. IRIS Software cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by incorrectly applying these changes.

How to install the certificate manually

To make sure you are using the latest version of the security certificate visit the following address in Internet Explorer:


The web page will load up reporting “Not Found” with some basic looking text. You need to click the padlock icon to the right of the address bar:

Mul OnlineCert 1 | Unable to Receive a Response when Filing Online

Click on “View Certificates“:

Mul OnlineCert 2 | Unable to Receive a Response when Filing Online

On the certificate pop-up window click “Install Certificate…

Mul OnlineCert 3 | Unable to Receive a Response when Filing Online

Work through the certificate wizard to install the latest certificate.

Once completed, your submission should be successful. 

How can I check if I am affected by this issue?

Visit https://transaction-engine.tax.service.gov.uk/submission. You should get a “Not Found” message on screen. If you receive any notification about a missing or invalid security certificate you will need to follow the steps above.

Will this happen again?

nstalling the certificate manually should correct the issue on this occasion however, unless the underlying cause has been corrected it could happen again.

Further information can be found at https://support.microsoft.com/kb/931125

Can IRIS support help with this issue?

IRIS Support are unable to provide assistance with this fix as this is a Microsoft Windows configuration issue, we are providing this fix to help our customers “as is”, based on our investigation. We recommend you speak to your I.T. for advice and help on completing the steps above.