PTP Important Known Issues

It is important to us that we resolve any problems that are found in the PTP Software.

If your problem is listed below, we are working hard to resolve these as quickly as possible.
Issues that have been fixed or are due to be fixed in the next release, are identified as such.
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PTP Accounts Production
PTP Tax Platform
PTP CT Platform
Microsoft Windows 10

PTP Accounts Production

Outstanding Issues

Charity Accounts - CSV Import Error
When support costs are setup in Accounts Production when trying to import a CSV trial balance that contains account codes relevant to the support costs, on the pre-import screen it is forcibly requesting a charitable activity, this is in error. 
There is no current workaround for this problem and figures need to be input manually. 
This issue is due to be fixed in a future release.

The posting amounts in MyWorkPapers can sometimes differ by a few pence when compared to an earlier import due to rounding. To help alleviate this we have added a way for you to set your own tolerance when reimporting data. A KnowledgeBase article is available in the v20.1 release.

PTP Share Register

Outstanding Issues

Made up to dates – extended
When importing clients from Companies House into PTP Share Register there have been reports that the incorrect date is appearing in the Next CS/AR made up to field.
Run the New Companies House Data Check by opening the client and selecting New Companies House Data Check. This will retrieve the correct CS01 Next Made Up Date from Companies House which can then be used to update the client in PTP Share Register by selecting Update.

PTP Tax Platform

Outstanding Issues

Dividend database issue

It has been reported that, in some cases, there appears to be an issue with the Dividend Database service in PTP Tax Platform.
The issue affects individuals' SA100 Tax Returns only, the Partnership and Trust & Estate Tax Returns are unaffected.

The issue will generally affect those clients that have manually added dividends, i.e the listed company was not available to select from the dividend database provided or they may be in receipt of dividends from an unlisted company.

We have included some additional checks in from the Spring 2020 Service Pack release (v20.1.398) onward, which will display a message where a discrepancy is detected in the data. However, these additional checks may not cover all scenarios. Therefore, where the system has identified a potential issue with the data or where you believe you may be affected, we would recommend carrying out the following actions:

  • please review your clients' dividend entries against supplied vouchers or brokers' schedules, and where you believe they may be affected by this issue, delete that company and then re-add it. This will correct the issue and import the correct data.
  • where companies have previously been added manually, delete and re-add the source and data. This will correct the issue and retain the values entered.
  • where a client's SA100 is in any FBI state, please review the return and, where necessary, remove the FBI status and apply any corrections as detailed above.
  • where a client's SA100 is in any FBI state, please review the return and, where necessary, remove the FBI status and apply any corrections as detailed above
  • where a client's SA100 has been submitted to HMRC, please review the return and, where necessary, remove the FBI status and apply any corrections, as detailed above, before submitting an amendment to HMRC

We apologise for any inconvenience this issue may cause.

SA100 – tax calculation not setting the Resident/Non-resident calculation type correctly
Where the taxpayer is not UK resident and box 1 on page RR 1 of the Residence, remittance basis etc supplement has been selected, then the tax calculation is not always considering the most beneficial calculation type. Generally, this will be when the Resident type is more beneficial.
There is currently no workaround for this issue.
For more information on this issue, click here.
This issue is due to be fixed in the Summer 2020 release.

SA100 – Rejection error 6492: Class 2 NIC amount not being included in online submission
In some cases the Cass 2 NIC amount is being omitted form the online tax return submission resulting in rejection error 6492.
The workarounds include changing expenses temporarily to force a refresh of the data or selecting the Force full self-employment pages instead of short option in the Self-employment Business Details tab.
For more information on this issue, click here.
This issue is due to be fixed in the Summer 2020 release.

SA105 – online submission errors 6492 & 6594
It has been reported that in some cases, online tax return submissions that include the SA105 UK Property supplement are being rejected with error 6492 and 6594. Initial investigation suggest that this may be due to the absence of a value in the Number of properties rented out field, which is automatic by default, but is editable. As a result, the UK Property details may not get submitted and printing may output blank UK Property pages.
It is recommended that any FBI printed tax returns that include an SA105 are closely checked to ensure that they include the appropriate values before they are submitted.
For more information on this issue, click here.
This issue is due to be fixed in the Summer release.

SA100 (FBI) – date for 2019-20 event 22 getting populated following 2018-19 submission
It has been reported, that in some cases, the FBI event 22 date for 2019-20 is being populated where a client’s 2018-19 has just been processed or submitted.
Go to FBI via the FBI toolbar option, change the FBI status to Returns sent to client for signing, select the affected client and remove the FBI status.
For more information on this issue, click here.
This issue is due to be fixed in the Summer release.

SA100 Tax return – dividends no longer showing in box 4 (page TR 3) on a locked return
We have received reports that in some instances that the value previously displayed in box 4 on page TR 3 relating to UK dividends is showing as blank when the return is opened after being locked (generally as part of the online filing FBI process).
We have been able to ascertain that all submissions to HMRC have contained the expected data and the dividend data entry schedule still contains all the relevant data when accessed in the locked state.
Therefore, it would appear to be a display issue only.
Removing the FBI status and opening the tax return will refresh the data.
For more information on this issue, click here.
This issue is intermittent and is currently under investigation.

Issues Resolved in the Spring 2020 Service Pack release

SA100 – online filing rejection errors 4085 and 4065
When submitting Individual returns in version 20.1398 the above rejection errors are being returned. These rejections are arising from some spaces in boxes 24 and 25 on page TR8 of the main return. This issue is specifically resolved in v20.1.403.
Having applied this update, if you previously had clients' returns in any pre-submission FBI state, then you will need to subsequently remove the FBI status and reprocess the return to prevent further rejection notices.

Class 2 NIC calculation – 52 weeks used instead of 53 weeks
The Class 2 NIC liability for 2019-20 is £159.00 based on 53 weeks however the software is currently using 52 weeks to calculate the Class 2 liability.

SA107 – box 22 entries being considered twice in the tax calculation
Entries made in box 22 for Foreign estate income on the SA107 Trusts etc. supplement are being included twice in the tax calculation incorrectly.

SA100 – editing a manually added dividend results in the dividend amount being deleted
Editing a manually added dividend source (i.e. not added from the supplied Dividend Database) will cause the previously entered dividend amount to be deleted.

SA105 – UK Property supplementary pages are transferred forward in error
Where UK Property pages were completed for 2018-19 and the option All property ceased in the year was selected, it would not be expected that the supplement would be transferred forward to 2019-20. However, it appears that the selected option is being ignored and 2019-20 UK Property pages are being added in error.

SA100 – Error 438 generated during HMRC data retrieval
When attempting to retrieve data from HMRC the following error may be generated:
Error 438: Object doesn’t support this property or method
This error will occur where the client’s spouse’s date of birth has been entered which will then trigger the Marriage Allowance status data retrieval.

SA108 - Capital Gains summary supporting schedule: NRCG losses not being included in total
In the NRCGT losses section the Total unused losses to carry forward figure doesn't include the amount from This year's unused losses field.

SA105 - Possible to delete properties while the SA100 is locked
It is currently possible to delete UK Property entries for all property types when locked by the internet filing process (FBI).

SA905 – Trust & Estate NRCG losses both b/fwd and arising in the year are not being transferred forward correctly to 2020/21
NRCG losses ‘carried forward’ are not being carried forward to the 2020-21 NRCG Losses B/Fwd backing schedule when the Capital Gains supplement is added.

SA100 - entry in box 24 (Page TR 8) generates error code 3163 and the software crashes
An entry in excess of 40 characters in box 24 on page TR 8 of the SA100 tax return form will result in a software crash with Error Code: 3163 and a message The field is to too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data. As a result, the entries in boxes 23 to 26 are not saved. HMRC online filing criteria restricts the permitted number of characters in this field to 28.

Issues resolved in the Spring release (v20.1.0)

SA100 Tax Return - Class 2 NIC - FBI rejection 6492
Getting error 6492 FBI rejection intermittently when submitting a tax return with a Class 2 NIC liability where difference is £153.40.

SA100 Tax Return – entering a licence for Partnerships or Trusts disables the Print Calculation function for previous years’ SA100 tax returns
Where a Partnership and/or Trust licence is entered after the Individuals licence was added previously then this will disable the Print Calculation functionality for earlier tax years (2018 and earlier).

SA100 Tax Return – ceased Self Employment showing as active on later tax return
Where the only Self Employed trade has ceased during the 2017-18 tax year, the SA103 Self Employment supplement is still marked as present on page TR 2 of a brought forward 2018-19 tax return in error.
However, there is no trade actually present when accessing the Self Employment schedule. This is an on-screen display issue only.

SA105 UK Property – online pre-filing validation triggered by values entered with more than two decimal places
It is currently possible to save values containing more than 2 decimal places if you enter such a value and immediately close out of the schedule without tabbing away from the offending box. This will trigger a pre-filing validation error 8269.

Static Data Export has incorrect format
The current export routine creates a .CSV file containing client static data but has some issues with formatting that result in errors being generated when attempting to import the data into PTP Accounts Production.

SA800 Partnership Tax Return – pre-filing validation error 6972 where property profit reduced to nil by expenses
Where the SA801 UK Property supplement has been completed and the profit is reduced to nil by the associated expenses resulting in neither a profit nor a loss, the software is leaving box 1.32 blank instead of reporting zero.
This then results in a pre-filing validation.

For example:
Error code 6972 Type: Business
There is an entry in [1.24] or [1.31]. Please complete box [1.32]

Furnished Holiday Lettings entered on page PL 1 are also affected by the same issue.

Section 811 Non-resident calculation not being applied where more beneficial and there is a claim for the Married Couples Allowance (MCA)
Where there is a non-resident taxpayer and either they or their spouse or civil partner was born before 6 April 1935 and there is a claim for MCA, then the calculation is not excluding the MCA or setting the calculation type to non-resident which would exclude certain income types from the taxpayer’s total income.

PTP CT Platform

Outstanding Issues

CT600 – Pre-filing validation error 9258
A zero is being displayed in box 580 incorrectly which results in a pre-filing validation error 9258 where the Accounting Period start date is on or after 1 April 2020.
There is currently no workaround for this issue.
For more information on this issue, click here.
This issue is due to be fixed in the Summer 2020 release.

CT600 – Pre-filing validation error 9200 or 9209
If an attempt is made to prepare a CT600 return for online filing where the Accounting Period starts on or after 1 April 2020 (error 9200) or straddles 1 April 2020 (error 9209) then the aforementioned pre-filing validation errors will result.
If the submission is made it will cause a rejection. This is due to HMRC having already updated their servers to cater for the reduction in the main CT tax rate to 17% before the Government’s decision to retain the existing 19% rate for FY2020. HMRC have advised that they are planning to update their systems by mid-July.
There is currently no in-product workaround for this issue.
For more information on this issue, click here.

FBI - Preparing FBI Files
A small number of users have reported problems when preparing FBI files for multiple returns at the same time.  This has manifested as pre filing validations indicating that numbers are not adding up correctly, or even as the number from box 155 or 190 appearing on the other return being processed at the same time.  This is intermittent but is currently being investigated. 
The current workaround is to process one return at a time through the FBI process.
For more information on this issue, click here.
This issue is currently under investigation.

Issues resolved in the Spring 2020 Service Pack release

CT600 - Capital allowances message blocks printing of previous periods’ returns
A message was introduced to draw attention to the fact that capital allowance entries for the asset types Electric charge points and Structures and buildings allowance would need to be reviewed following changes made to the reporting format on the CT600 form. The message is being triggered incorrectly in some instances which results in the blocking of the CT600 printing function, especially for previous periods.

Microsoft Windows 10

Exception error – Unrecognised database format when attempting to access PTP in a networked environment
This error is as a result of changes made by Microsoft in their recent 1803 version of Windows 10.  Microsoft are yet to release any further information or a fix to prevent this error from occurring.

Please contact the PTP Support team who will advise you of a potential solution.