PTP Autumn 2020 v20.3 Full Features


Our PTP Suite Autumn release includes all legislative updates to ensure your ongoing compliance, as well as an update to Accounts Production to provide continued integration with Xero in the future and an enhancement to automatically calculate and restrict the Class 2 NIC liability where the state pension age is reached during the tax year.

PTP Accounts Production (v20.3.228)

Energy and Carbon Report Regulations 2018 (SI 2018 No. 1155)

For large Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships with accounting periods beginning on or after 01/04/19 this release includes the requirement to disclose their UK greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and energy efficiency.

Upgrade Integration with Xero upgrade to OAuth 2.0

Xero will shortly no longer support an authentication process called OAuth 1.0a, this release contains functionality to allow Accounts Production to continue to integrate with the Xero using the latest OAuth version 2.0. (need to include a link from Sharon for Help centre Topic)

PTP Tax Platform (v20.3.56)

Automatic restriction of Class 2 NIC liability

The Class 2 NIC liability will now be calculated automatically where the state pension age is reached during the tax year, based on the date of birth entered for the client. The override functionality remains available to accommodate any adjustment to the calculated amount.

HMRC Specials & Exclusions

Update to cater for latest HMRC 2019/20 online filing Specials and Exclusions

PTP CT Platform (v20.3.56)

HMRC CT Taxonomy changes

Update to include the ability to record and report (via iXBRL) the corporate capital loss restriction element of the Deduction Allowance.


Performance enhancements

We have also introduced several performance enhancements to the PTP Platform applications in this release.

Issues resolved in this release

  • SA100 – Refresh issue with data passed from SA800 Partnership return to SA104F supplement
  • SA108 – Deleting an empty Capital Gains Summary supplement generates an error