PTP Autumn Release Notes v19.3.2


Our PTP Suite Autumn release v19.3.2 brings solutions to the following issues reported by customers:

PTP Accounts Production

This service pack has concentrated on resolving several new issues recently identified:

  • IXBRL Tag error when average number of employees is nil
  • IAS Group Accounts – Loans and other financial assets note duplicating
  • FRS102 / 101 – Balance Sheet – Debtors more than 1 year appearing in Fixed Assets
  • FRS102 s1a (Guernsey Accounts) – Balance Sheet wording now include reference to small companies' regime

PTP Tax Platform

This service pack has concentrated on resolving several new issues recently identified:

  • The UK Property screen was freezing after printing or previewing a tax return and then attempting to enter residential finance costs not included as an expense. This issue has now been resolved
  • Specials & Exclusions recently published by HMRC regarding errors in the tax calculation have been updated in the software. A warning is given when certain scenarios are encountered, please see the release notes for more information.
  • The dividend schedule was duplicating rows where dividend entries had been added to the prior year return and the details brought forward.
  • Closed bank accounts were being included in the Information Request.
  • An ‘inner exception’ error was occurring when attempting to add dividend details for the Compass Group.Brought forward other property losses could not be offset against profits from furnished holiday lettings; an additional box has been added to enable this entry.
  • Submission error 6492 and a difference of £153.40 has now been resolved.
  • Within the UK Property pages, amounts entered in the box ‘cost of services provided, including wages’ were appearing in box 9 on the return, the figure will now appear in box 6.
  • In some cases, property brought forward from the prior year was not being displayed on the supporting properties schedule.
  • Certain asset types were not using the correct writing down allowance in the special rate asset pool.
  • A message that it was not possible to bring forward certain shareholdings from the previous year, please review, was incorrectly appearing when accessing the box 4 schedule on page 3 of the tax return.
  • The 64-8 was incorrectly referencing the Data Protection Act 1998; this has now been updated

PTP Corporation Tax

  • After adding a structures and buildings type asset in the calculation of capital allowances and then attempting to print the iXBRL computation, the software gave a message that the Viewer was attempting to load but didn’t go any further. This issue has now been fixed and the Viewer now loads correctly.


  • An exception error ‘Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation’ was appearing when attempting to retrieve previously filed VAT returns for some clients; this issue has now been resolved.