Advisory: Breathe life into numbers with your client conversations

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Clients increasingly need a trusted, skilled, knowledgeable advisor to help their business to flourish and overcome the obstacles they face.

Accountants are perfectly positioned to be just that. But are you?

Have you managed to put advice at the centre of your client offering? Or are you still trying to take those first steps?

In our webinar, dedicated to helping accountants succeed with advisory services, we will provide insight on how to:

– Utilise technology to rapidly analyse clients’ financial performance

– Make insightful, impactful recommendations

– Bring numbers to life to spark meaningful and engaging conversations with clients

You’ll learn how to demonstrate to clients how you can help them to:

– improve profitability

– identify ways to increase available cash

– become more efficient

– grow and/or sell their business

When is the webinar?

11am on September 7

Who are the speakers?

Rob Millen: Product Manager

Dave Parker: Market Specialist

How do you join?

Simply click here to book your free place.

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