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About this webinar:

HR technology is a must-have tool for any business. But it must be one that grows and flexes with your business otherwise it will become a recurring headache that just won’t go away.

Well, with Cascade HRi, we can assure you of a solution that supports and reflects the changing needs of your HR function and adapt to any level of business complexity. Whether you’re just embarking on a digital solution or know exactly what you need from a system, you can expect the latest technology that drives and supports your company culture, from wellbeing and engagement through to training and development. It’s a solution that fits all!

Don’t believe us? Watch our webinar on-demand to find out more.

During the webinar, Caroline Gammon, our HR Market Specialist, will be joined by Stuart Bate, our Cascade HRi Expert, to share with you the history of Cascade HRi and the ecosystem behind it.

We’ll also be sharing some of our inspiring customer success stories showcasing how Cascade has played an integral role in helping their businesses succeed.

And if that isn’t enough.. Stuart is going to do a deep dive into the new features and APIs now available with Cascade HRi, as well as sharing an exciting glimpse into the future of the product too!

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Caroline Gammon

Caroline Gammon

HR Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Stuart Bate

Stuart Bate

Pre-Sales Executive, IRIS Software Group