Unlocking the benefits and addressing the challenges of globalization

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Benefits and challenges of globalization webinar

About this webinar:

The global market is constantly evolving, with factors such as the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis influencing the behavior of global employees and organizations.

Rising rates of immigration are impacting local talent pools, forcing organizations to expand their reach in order to secure skilled workers. In such a fast-paced environment, it is critical to build a robust strategy to set your business up for global success.

In this webinar IRIS experts Sara Lewis, Head of Communications, Fran Williams, Senior Product Director and Adrian Demkiw, General Manager of PSI Payroll Services Inc. By IRIS cover:

  1. Guiding you through the steps needed to take when hiring overseas.
  2. What needs considering when using a foreign payroll.
  3. How to move a business into a new market.

Watch on demand now to unlock your power to address the challenges of Globalization.


Sara Lewis
Head of Communications (IRIS Software Group)

Fran Williams
Senior Product Director (IRIS Software Group)

Adrian Demkiw
General Manager (PSI Payroll Services Inc By IRIS)

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