Boost Business Growth by Maximising Productivity Gains

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About this webinar:

According to research carried out by Dr Kotter, only 5% of organisations implement their strategic business plan successfully. Here’s the problem – leaders and managers are simply not executing their strategies well enough, which is having a negative effect on UK productivity, causing us to lag behind our European neighbours.

This issue needs addressing, and Reclaro discuss this while exploring how to save time and costs from lost productivity and grow your business!

Within this webinar, Pete shares his top 3 focus areas that will make a massive difference in your business:

1. Connecting strategy to your day-to-day operations.

2. Seeing through projects and initiatives from beginning to end, leaving behind half-built bridges.

3. Introducing a super simple framework, known as 1-3-5® to turbocharge productivity across all teams in your business.


Pete Wilkinson

Pete Wilkinson

Founder & CEO, Recarlo