Bridging the Talent Gap: Strategies for Recruitment and Outsourcing

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About this webinar:

We understand that the skills shortage in the accounting industry has impacted many professionals. Finding and hiring qualified accountants and finance professionals has become increasingly challenging, which can create various obstacles for your business.

Join our expert panellists as they delve into the current state of the accounting industry, the factors contributing to the skills shortage, and the potential advantages of both outsourcing and recruiting new talent for your business.


  • Analysing the current challenges faced by the profession
  • Understanding the advantages of outsourcing and how IRIS can assist with workload issues
  • Discover how IRIS can assist in saving time and money when recruiting the appropriate staff for your business


Eva Mrazikova
 Senior Manager, Accountancy Sales, IRIS Software Group

Richard Youngman
Head of Client Relations, networx