IRIS Financials mini-masterclass: Budgeting with IRIS Financial Planner

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About this webinar:

Budgeting can be a complicated process, particularly across large multi-academy trusts. IRIS Financial Planner keeps it simple.

The system integrates naturally and directly into IRIS Financials to empower users to:

• Centrally manage settings and assumptions across all locations.
• Create unlimited combinations of scenarios from locations across your organisation.
• Visually compare settings and assumptions to ensure consistency and accuracy.
• Customise components such as terminology to align with language used in your organisation.
• Generate a monthly Payroll Reconciliation at organisation or school level.

The powerful budgeting system enables complete visibility and clarity over a trusts’ budgets, helping you to futureproof your finances.

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Andrew Finck
Education Finance Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Jack Record
Product Specialist, School Business Services