Busy Season: Survive or Thrive?

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About this webinar:

The end of October traditionally marks the beginning of the dreaded “Busy Season” for Bookkeepers and Accountancy firms. Lasting well into the new year (as far as the end of Feb), the zombielike experience of being locked away, working late into the night on tax returns, makes for a not-so-thrilling few months; not to mention the time spent away from loved ones!

Join our webinar where our experts will show you how to break the annual curse and transform “Busy Season” into “Business as Usual”

What will we cover?

  • Proven tactics on how proper planning can avoid many busy-season mistakes
  • Simple changes that can be made to avoid the tax ‘brain-drain’
  • How you can vanquish the ‘data nightmare’ so you can enjoy the build-up to Christmas and celebrate the New Year without the looming dread of January 31st


Eva Mrazikova
Accountancy Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Steve Murray
Product Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Mark Elley
Product Specialist, IRIS Software Group