Cyber Security: A threat to your practice

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cyber security twitter 3 | Cyber Security: A threat to your practice

About this webinar:

There’s never been a more important time to ensure that your critical business data and resources are secure, resilient and in safe hands! I’m sure you’ve seen the recent news stories of both accountancy firms and suppliers having their business impacted by cyber security issues. It’s now very much a when and not If  for firms to prepare for.

We manage the data for over 700 firms via our datacenter and Azure platforms but security is wider than just the “server” where the data resides, it’s how you connect, where you connect from and when you update systems. Security has always been a major focus at IRIS and always will be.

What will you learn?

– what is cyber security ands and why we all need to prepare for the worst
– Highlight areas of risk for a firm and staff and always minimise
– Impact of your actions on insurance in both getting cover and claiming if you need to

The purpose of this session is to give you insight into the areas of your IT systems to review to protect yourselves against these eventual cyber security events.