Ed:gen Central – Next Generation Trust Reporting v2

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If you’re looking for a School Management System (MIS) that actively helps you improve outcomes across your trust by getting trust-wide live data to key people, look no further.

IRIS Ed:gen is a fresh new approach to school administration that heralds the next generation of school MIS, from everyday tasks like attendance and behaviour to statutory reports such as your school census and single central record – all a few clicks away.

What makes Ed:gen even better is Ed:gen Central – our easy-to-use trust reporting platform that brings together all the data within the schools in your trust into one central place. The best bit? You can see trends and insights from all schools and academies in one single view, enabling faster and more effective decision making – no more cutting and pasting data or lengthy emails with spreadsheet attachments – it’s all at your fingertips.

Learn how IRIS Ed:gen and Ed:gen Central make it easy for schools, academies and trusts to spot data trends, enabling them to become more proactive, productive and successful.

Nicholas Clark, Senior Product Manager will spend the live session giving you a brief introduction to IRIS Ed:gen at a school level and explain how your academies would interact with the system. The webinar will also feature a ‘zoom out’ and show you how Ed:gen Central can enable your central trust teams to harness the power of real-time data across the trust, all the way down to an individual pupil level. The session will finish with a 15-minute Q&A with Jane and Jonathan to answer any of your burning questions.

Topics Covered –

The biggest barriers schools and trusts face when it comes to moving MIS

IRIS Ed:gen –

– What is IRIS Ed:gen? What makes it different to other school management systems?

– What information will your academy headteachers see at a glance?

– Academy/School-level Attendance.

– Academy/School-level Behaviour.

– Academy/School-level Communication.

IRIS Ed:gen Central –

– Why we’ve developed the platform and what makes it unique.

– How it’s built and why it’s so easy to use.

– Privacy and security – how your data is protected.

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