From Documents to Digital: Transforming HR with Staffology


Times are tricky in the current climate. With the cost-of-living rising and constant changes in legislation, there are ever-growing challenges arising.

Are you finding the use of spreadsheets to record employee details – and manually inputting them into systems – tedious?

Or is your time taken up transferring data and running HR?

This is where Staffology can help! 😉

We can help you with:
  ➼ Quick and easy implementation with a range of packages to suit your needs
  ➼ Reducing manual processes and human error
  ➼ Storing data and documents in one secure location
  ➼ Automating your processes and HR

Are you ready to reduce back-office admin and improve ROI with time savings?

Join product experts, Safwan & Jon, where they will discuss the benefits of taking the paperwork out of HR, to create harmony in your workflow.

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Safwan Kayat – Product Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Jon Low – Product Manager, IRIS Software Group