How can you boost your employees' financial freedom?

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Holding Slide 2 | How can you boost your employees' financial freedom?

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How can you boost your employees’ financial freedom?

Breaking it down to understand the causes of financial stress and the different solutions available.

Revolut and IRIS Software are here to help by introducing you to salary advance, a new benefit you can roll out to your employees to boost their financial freedom.

The session is hosted by Revolut’s Sales Lead for On-Demand Pay, Mayer Soni.

What will I learn?

  • Financial stress: what drives financial stress and what are its worst consequences on employees?
  • Current solutions: the traditional alternatives for your employees to reduce financial stress and their limits.
  • Introducing a new option: introducing salary advance as a new alternative with Revolut’s product, On-Demand Pay, available to Cascade customers.