How HR teams are navigating the cost-of-living crisis

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Screenshot 16 | How HR teams are navigating the cost-of-living crisis

About this webinar:

Geopolitical turmoil has thrown the UK and the rest of Europe into a serious cost of living crisis and a longer-term recession is on the horizon. At the same time, UK organisations are facing skills gaps that are putting a significant pressure on talent pipelines.
As a result, many HR teams are now prioritising the employee experience and financial wellbeing to reach the hearts, minds and wallets of their workers.

In this webinar, Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst in HCM & Talent at Fosway Group, and Caroline Gammon, HCM Market Specialist at IRIS Software Group, will explore how HR teams are navigating the current cost-of-living crisis, and how HR technology is supporting them.

The webinar will cover:

➼ Why the employee experience matters now more than ever before
➼ The experiences HR teams are prioritising and deprioritising during the cost-of-living crisis
➼ How HR technology can support employers and employees to be more secure and confident during turbulent times

You won’t want to miss this! 

Webinar details:

Date: Wednesday 23rd November

Time/Duration: 11am for 1 hour


Caroline Gammon – HCM Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Sven Elbert – Senior Analyst in HCM & Talent Practice, Fosway Group