How IRIS & Dext Will Boost Your Practice Performance

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IRIS x DEXT | How IRIS & Dext Will Boost Your Practice Performance

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About this webinar:

IRIS and Dext have recently joined forces to help your practice become even more productive and profitable.

Dext combines real-time accurate data with tools to make your practice or bookkeeping service more efficient.

And with our combined powers we’re going to help firms achieve peak performance.

In this webinar we will show you how this will help create a rapid, seamless workflow for every aspect of your practice.


What will the webinar cover?

We will demonstrate how much time Dext saves you through data capture, fetching supplier invoices, feeding the data into your accounting software and much more.

We will show you how to master quoting and prospecting and being able demonstrate your true value.


How long is it?

40 minutes long.


Who is speaking?

Eva Mrazikova – Accountancy Market Specialist at IRIS Software Group

Nicola Koralewski – Team Leader, IRIS Software Group


Watch this webinar on-demand here.