How to Support Productive Remote and Hybrid Teams 2022 and Beyond

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How to Support Hybrid Teams in 2022 and Beyond 2 | How to Support Productive Remote and Hybrid Teams 2022 and Beyond

About this webinar:

Historically, recruitment has proven challenging for organisations as they needed to ensure they sourced the right skillset for their vacancies while being restricted to searching for talent locally.

But now we live in a post-pandemic world where hybrid working has become the new ‘norm’, giving organisations a greater opportunity to find talent… from interviewing remotely to networking with people on a global scale thanks to Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Jobs that offer hybrid roles have become increasingly captivating for potential candidates, as it enables them a more flexible way to work around their busy lifestyles while working from the comfort of their own homes.

Listen back to this webinar where Caroline Gammon, HCM Market Specialist at IRIS Software Group, alongside Caroline Boyre, the Strategic Partnerships Director at Globalization Partners, discussed all things recruitment and retention, while touching on how HR tech can help.

Time/Duration: 60 minutes


Caroline Boyre – Strategic Partnerships Director for the UK and Ireland at Globalization Partners

Caroline Gammon – HCM Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group