IRIS Accountancy Suite: reducing costs, increasing efficiency and optimising your business

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About this Webinar –

In this Webinar demo session, we’ll show you the huge benefits we offer practises of all sizes and the value we bring.

We know people and products, and we bring them together to deliver market-leading solutions and support – let us show you this in action, so you can get a feel for yourself.

What will I learn? – 

In just 20 minutes, our Webinar will cover our:

– Suite of integrated products, with something for everyone and big benefits for smaller businesses.

– Single central database that automatically updates across all software, helping you work faster and smarter.

– Straightforward and intuitive system and its potential to transform your practice, with all information you need at your fingertips.

– New tool, IRIS SmartTax. Have a look at how useful live, real time tax calculations can be.

With something for everyone, our solutions are designed to make life easier and free up precious time. IRIS Accountancy Suite saves, on average, 22 hours per person each month – and we want to show you how.

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