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About this webinar:

In this insightful session where we highlight how IRIS FMP Engage can elevate your payroll experience, streamline processes, and boost efficiency.

We believe you will find immense value in the innovative features.

Key Benefits

 ➼ Seamless payroll processing – 
Use our dashboard to see where your payroll is within the payroll workflow, receive push notifications for seamless task ownership.

 ➼ Elevate Accuracy – 
Engage will offer a much easier way to check and reconcile payroll data.

 ➼ Save time and boost efficiency – See firsthand how Engage can save you time and streamline your payroll workflow; allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

 ➼ Ensure compliance – 
Stay ahead of regulatory filings, with Engage’s built-in Statutory Filings Compliance tracker. Align directly with your in-country experts to ensure your business remains compliant and secure.

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Olivia Eden-Brown – Product Owner, IRIS Software Group

Niall Clarke – Lead Product Manager, Paycheck Plus by IRIS

Fran Williams – Senior Product Director, IRIS Software Group