Mastering Gender Pay Gap Reporting: Efficient Strategies for Actionable Results

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Mastering Gender Pay Gap Reporting

About this webinar:

Are you facing challenges annually with gender pay gap reporting, or are you a growing business anticipating this requirement in the near future?

As a mandatory requirement for businesses with 250 or more employees, more and more organisations are now adopting specialised software to help alleviate the burden of this often very manual and time-intensive task.

In our on-demand webinar, Lizzy Barry, our HR Director, and Stuart Bate, our product expert, delved into the latest solutions to support gender pay gap reporting for businesses of all sizes.

They emphasised the significance of this task and showcased the tools required to simplify it. Additionally, they shared strategies to reduce the gender pay gap within your organisation for those seeking improvement.

Regardless of your business size, we’ll provide actionable insights for you to implement. Watch on-demand now and prevent this from becoming an issue in the coming year.


Lizzy Barry – HR Director, IRIS Software Group

Stuart Bate – Pre-Sales Executive and Cascade Product Expert, IRIS Software Group