Money-laundering threats and how accountants can tackle them

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Have you read The National Risk Assessment of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing? 

It’s a report of great importance for accountants, warning that the risk of money laundering through accountancy service providers (ASPs) remains high. 

“Accountancy services remain attractive to criminals due to the ability to use them to help their funds gain legitimacy and respectability, as implied by ASPs’ professionally qualified status,” officials wrote. 


What will the webinar cover?

We’ll show you how IRIS Elements AML can help you with all your AML needs, including: 

– Credit checks, HR screening checks, and company checks

– Firm Wide Risk Assessments

– ID checks, including batch enhanced due diligence

– Credit checking companies

– Suspicious activity reports

– Policies and procedures

We’ll also demonstrate the latest new features, such as the ability to: 

– Exclude people in your database from AML checks, such as suppliers  

– Make clients inactive or hidden – if, for example, you have ex-clients who were migrated  

When is the webinar? 

26 October from 11am to 11.30am  

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