Navigating the HR Tech Jungle: Winning Board Buy-In

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Appraisd webinar

About this webinar:

While HR practitioners are all too aware of the importance of effective performance management to help retain and develop employees, gaining buy-in from the Board and senior management to invest in a platform can be a very different story.

Join Roly Walter, CEO of Appraisd as he provides practical insights and strategies to:

 ➼  Craft a compelling business case for performance management, which is linked to the organisational goals and ROI.
 ➼  Communicate the positive impact for employees, teams and the company’s bottom line in a way that resonates with senior leaders and budget holders.
 ➼  Address common objections and concerns effectively.

We are delighted to be joined by Donna Arbanez from Natterbox, who share their experiences of partnering with Apprais’d to introduce a fresh approach to performance management, which aligns employees to the organisational goals more effectively.


Roly Walter – Founder, Appraisd

Donna Arbenz – Senior HR Advisor, Natterbox